Filkassen Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy* is set forth to help the end-user of Filkassen understand what data we (Statens It) collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it when using Filkassen

The purposes of collecting certain types of user-related information is for the Statens It’s administration of Filkassen, hereunder configuration, handling user requests, handling system errors, failures and crashes and for the purpose of securing and protecting the system and the data and information stored within.

The Statens It’s administrators of Filkassen have access to the collected information in order to fulfil the administrator duties supporting the above mentioned purpose.

None of the collected information is used for the purposes of marketing or profiling. The collected information is never shared with third parties.
The information collected (which support the above-mentioned purposes) is as follows:

Information related to a user identity:

  • User account name
  • Device name
  • Device IP address
  • Device and browser information (E.g. what type of platform, Operating system and browser version Filkassen is accessed from)

File activity

When the user creates, modifies, moves or removes folders and files including related user identity information and time stamps.

Collaboration activity

User activities related to collaboration engagement with other users, including adding, removing, accepting or rejecting user invitations to folders and files including user identity information and time stamps.

Account Activity

User authentication attempts, including success or failed log-in and the device name (mobile or computer) from which the user authentication attempt is made, including related time stamps.

Other user activity related information collected

Files scanned by the central Antivirus, including the related user identity information, time stamp and if the file was infected (then blocked) or not.


*We may at any time with or without a separate notice change this Privacy Policy, and You are encouraged to review this Policy from time to time. Your continued use of the Service after a change has been published on our Service shall constitute consent to the changed policy.