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About the Agency for Governmental IT Services

The Agency for Governmental IT Services is an agency of the Ministry of Finance group, which provides IT services to eleven ministries and their 15.000 users. 

The Agency for Governmental IT Services is responsible for operating an effective IT support service and for ensuring a high-quality and consistent IT service across the Danish government. 

Our main tasks include the development and harmonisation of IT in the government and providing operational support.


The Agency for Governmental IT Services was established in 2010 by merging eight ministerial IT operations organizations.

In the period 2010 to 2014, a number of projects were implemented that have created a series of standardized common platforms and processes that are now the basis for the participating institutions' daily IT operation.

The transformation from differentiated heterogeneous IT environments to standardized and homogenized environments on an inter-governmental level was a large and complex task but proved successful.

Today, the Agency for Governmental IT Services acts as the Danish state's internal IT operations organization. 


With focus on accessibility, stability, efficiency and security of information, the Agency for Governmental IT Services provides services in four main areas:

  • The Governmental IT workplace, which is a joint governmental basic platform for the end users' IT application
  • IT infrastructure operation adjusted to an appropriate division of work between the Agency for Governmental IT Services and clients
  • Standardization of general administrative systems through the establishment of common platforms
  • Reducing costs on outsourced operations contracts through standard tender frameworks

The delivery of these services is an interaction between in-house production and external procurement based on a strategy of selective sourcing.